Vio Heritage

  • Traditional Aesthetics
  • Wide range of Optics Available
  • UK Designed and Manufactured
  • Photometry available on request

Vio Heritage

Vio Heritage illuminated bollards offer safety benefits and the latest energy saving LED technology whilst maintaining the design style of a traditional fixture.  Manufactured from the highest quality materials all sourced in Britain.

Detailed Specification


Bollard – Cast LM6 aluminium, grey iron or ductile SG iron

Lens – Clear, frosted or opal polycarbonate


Polyester powder coated any BS or RAL colour or stoving acrylic paint to any colour


LED with a wide variety of optics or symmetrical Louvre

Ingress Protection

IP66 Optical Compartment

IP44 Gear Compartment


LED                                 3-24 Watt

Cosmopolis                      45 Watt

Sodium and CDMT-T      50 Watt

Metal Halide                    50 Watt

Compact Fluorescent       75 Watt