GFS 400 KT

  • An “off-grid” solution, negating the need for extensive civil works or costly connection to the main grid.
  • No running costs
  • Zero maintenance system
  • Self adjusting light levels
  • Photometry available on request


  • LED: 42 x CREE XP-G LED configured in 3 x 14 LED arrangements
  • Operation: Average of 14 hrs per night with 5 nights backup
  • Resistance: IP65 construction with IP68 waterproof connectors
  • Controller: MPPT solar charge controller with programmable ON / OFF setting (dusk to dawn) 1-14 hours ON / 1-14 hours OFF
  • BATTERIES: 2 x sealed GEL AGM 12v 110Ah (220Ah – 1800Wh)
  • SOLAR PANEL: 2 x 225W(p) mono-crystalline panels with tempered glass and reinforced frame and backing plate under solar panel
  • LAMP OUTPUT: 60W=11,220lm / 75W=14,025lm / 100W=18,700lm
  • WARRANTY: Solar panel 25yr / Battery 5 yr pro rata warranty


  • Parks and Open Spaces
  • Industrial Parks
  • Play Areas
  • Remote Public Transport Stops
  • Campus Environments

GFS 400 KT

The GFS 400 KT has the same hardware as the GFS-400 (without the pole) and offers a reliable, vandal resistant solution that can be installed anywhere from remote off grid locations to inner city suburbia. It is perfect for pathways, roadways, car parks or anywhere requiring reliability and performance without the costs of grid connection or energy supply.

Detailed Specification


42 x CREE XP-G LED configured in 3 x 14 LED banks (USA made)

60W = 11,220m / 75W = 14,025lm / 100W = 18,700lm MAX.

4000K CCT, 70 CRI 187lm/W

Tiltable LED angles – 0° /15° / 30°

Dual LED module for redundancy

Constant LED power output ensures consistent output all night

Unit Warranty

Solar Panel – 25 Years

Mounting Bracket – 5 Years

LED Light Fixture –  5 Years

Electronics – 5 Years

Battery Defect Warranty – 5 Years

Full warranty details available at


Impact resistant PEET ultra clear acrylic lens allows for evenly distributed illumination

Dual lens design offering lens mixing. (Type 3/5)

  • Type 3 (standard) – Pathway lens 135° x 85°
  • Type 5 (optional) – Spherical lens 110° x 135°


Solar Panel

450W(p) mono-crystalline panels (2) with 21% cell efficiency

Impact resistant tempered glass solar panel assembly with protective stone guard plate on back of panel as standard.

Anti bird spike rail (STANDARD) / stone guard (OPTIONAL)

Fixed 20° angle with 360º horizontal solar panel rotation



Deep cycle sealed GEL AGM batteries

2 x 12V – 110Ah, (2640Wh)

5 nights backup power (60hours @ 30W)


Solar Charge Controller

100% All Night (60W, 11,220 lumen) custom programming available. NOTE: 60W and 75W Requires custom programming or dimming profile to maintain reliability and battery life

Monitors system vitals – LED / solar / battery & temperature

In built soft start constant current LED driver with over voltage, over current and short circuit protection

MPPT (maximum power point tracking) charging with 99% tracking efficiency

IOT Smart city ready using GFS-SAM monitoring system***

Programmable turn on hours, before sunrise

Operating Temperature

-20ºC to 60ºC / -4ºF to 140ºF

Sail Area / EPA – Complete System

Solar panel assembly: 1.1m2 / 11.84FT2 Outrigger: 0.095m2 / 1.02FT2 LED Fixture: 0.085m2 / 0.91FT2



ASNZS 1158.3.1 Pedestrian area (Category P) lighting

Product and component certifications listed UL E349212 LED, UL3135 Cabling, UL1598 Safety Luminaires, UL8750 LED Safety 

Certified to meet ANSI/IES RP-8-14 and ANSI/IES RP-20-14 lighting standards

3.1 P1-P12, AS60598 Australian Certified LED


Standard Mounting Height

LED height – 8.5m / 27.81FT

Package Dimensions/Weight

GFS-400 Solar panel and mounting hardware: 69kg / 152lb

Outrigger: 8kg / 17.6lb

Lighthead: 6.5kg / 14.3lb

Total system weight: 83.5kg / 183.7lb

Battery box backing plate: 9kg / 19.8lb

Stainless steel battery box (OPTIONAL): 29kg / 63.9lb

Batteries (110Ah) each x 2: 29kg / 63.9lb

Outrigger adaptor: 14kg / 30.9lb

Vandal resistant battery box plates: 16kg / 35.2lb

Battery box mounting plates (for mid pole mount): 5kg / 11.0lb

Crate: 1680 x 1640 x 570 mm / 66″ x 64.6″ x 22.4″

Top pole: 4500 x 130 x 130 mm / 118.1″ x 5.1″ x 5.1″

Bottom pole: 4500 x 510 x 310 mm / 118.1″ x 20″ x 12.2″